Hawkins, Monk and more Sax

Over 2 cd mp3 compilations I have Coleman Hawkins: Body & Soul, Bean Bags, Genius of, Night Hawk, Duke Ellington Meets CH. Along with lps by Stan Getz & João Gilberto: Getz & Gilberto, Jazz Samba w/Charlie Byrd, Anniversary!; Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section; Jerry Mulligan: Lonesome Boulevard; Jan Garbarek: Dansere; Thelonious Monk: The Complete Prestige Recordings. Yes, that’s a lot of sax with some jazz piano in the mix.


Hawkins has a fun, sometimes funky, thick sax sounds. The tracks have a friendly feeling to them like a boozy nightclub – unlike say Coltrane – whose sound is more ‘intellectual’  & controlled (not that Coltrane didn’t play fine free jazz too). I can see myself dirty dancing to Hawkins, Coltrane is more ballet 🙂 Ornette Coleman is modern experimental 🙂

He also appears in one session on Thelonious Monk: The Complete Prestige Recordings. Monk can be challenging but is worth the demands. He was a jazz revolutionary, wrote too many standards to list. The Prestige work is all excellent, sometimes a bit dissonant but never to the point when it alienates the listener. Rhythmically adventurous & as a group leader he encouraged his sideman to shine.

Stan Getz & João Gilberto: Getz & Gilberto, Jazz Samba w/Charlie Byrd, Anniversary!. Stan Getz has a smoother, almost cocktail, sound. One of the foremost samba-Latin musicians he popularized many now jazz standards. Charlie Byrd is an amazing acoustic guitarist. Any of these are a excellent introductions to Latin jazz. Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section. Pepper, as his name indicates, is a more restless sax player. Nice tone & energizing. Jerry Mulligan’s Lonesome Boulevard is a great comfortable set with a bluesy feeling. Mulligan replaced Paul Desmond in the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

Finally & totally different from all the others is Jan Garbarek’s Dansere. His sax sound is much sharper, his playing more sculptural & the material on this lps verges on classical in his lyrical approach. Elegant as opposed to funky.

Aunt Neddes was coming to visit. I was excited. Her real name was Nelly but somehow we started caller her Neddes. Though my Dad referred to her as that old prude. Another thing I never really understood. Though she was old, at least to my nine year old self, forty seemed pretty old. I know she was forty because her birthday fell while she was staying with us.

My mother was having a baby soon. That was why Neddes was coming to stay with us for a while to help around the house. My Dad called her a prude because she didn’t smoke or drink but was lots of fun all the same. 

We went to the airport to meet her. I had met her a few years earlier so I sort of had an idea of what she looked like but when my mother started waving at this tall woman in a long green coat I didn’t recognize her. I was bowled over by the coat but also by the emerald green hat she was wearing. Tight on her head like a toque only made out of feathers with little clusters of glittery stuff on it. 

‘Can I try on your hat.’ I exclaimed even before I said hello to her. ‘Can I. Can I.’

‘Now Jim boys don’t wear things like this.’ Neddes laughed. She hugged my Mother and shook hands with my Dad.

I tried not to cry.

‘But I do have something for you in my suitcase. You can try it on when we get home.’ She took me by the hand as we walked to the car. My Dad dragged one of her suitcases.

‘What you got in here anyway. A body!’

‘There, there Dan. A woman has to be ready for everything. Especially here in the frontier.’ she laughed. ‘Why my sister let you drag here to this ….’

‘Enough.’ My mother gave her a sharp look. ‘Let’s get you home and settled in then we can discuss the lay of this land.’

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Shape Of Jazz To Come

05-door01Ornette Coleman (not to be confused with Coleman Hawkins) is master sax player. He has recorded extensively & of his catalogue I have three stand-alone’s: The Shape Of Jazz To Come; at the ‘golden circle’ 1 & 2. This is not easy listening jazz, but is not challenging in the way, say, Mingus is.

05-door02This is full force squawky, propulsive, at times discordant music that demands listening, demands an intellectual response or one moves on. Uncompromising & never bowing to popular pressure Ornette plays for himself & if you don’t like his sound it’s not his problem. I can’t say he’s someone I like but his music is creatively stimulating when I listen to it. But these 3 cds are enough for me. Kamasi Washington owes a lot to Coleman.

I can’t say who influenced who – John Coltrane & Ornette Coleman are both sax masters who came out of the 50’s to inspire jazz & pop musicians forever. Both The Byrds and Jimi Hendrix reflect those influences. I’m a Coltrane fan, to put it mildly.05-door03

I have both versions of Coltrane’s Riverside recording with Thelonious Monk. One is the original 6 tracks release. The other is a more recent release of all the work Coltrane cut with Monk, in order of recording. Some studio, some live, including alternate takes & false starts. Like Coltrane’s work with Miles Davis it is sweet to have these geniuses working together.05-door04


With Monk, Coltrane was still learning, stretching & a junkie. If you know Monk there are versions of many his best known pieces Crepuscule with Nellie; Ruby, My Dear. The sound quality is spotty & it may be a collection for fans, not casual listeners. More about Coltrane soon in the next couple posts about my jazz collection.



Ques shut the gate. The afternoon sun warmed the ground and he longed to take off his sandals to feel the soil. But he couldn’t. One never knew where the tiny specks of glass would be. It was safe to walk barefoot in his yards his workrooms and living chambers but elsewhere there was that ever present danger.

The towering remains of the city around him was full of these little dangers. Chunks of structure could fall without warning and crush anything underneath. He had been in these structures but the odd echo of empty they held chilled him.

He would not go in alone. He would not go in unless he had to. Today he had to. Before he would enter he would stop at the Saint V’ths Seat not far from the Gate. A place for a Prayer of Protection.

‘Bres! Bres!’ he shouted from the stone rise in the middle of a clear area. Someone should name this place ‘the calling spot.’ For as long as he had known, one could stand here and call for anyone one knew and they would hear.

‘Ques! Ques!’ he heard the distant response bounce along the corridor of buildings behind him. He walked in that direction. It was a street he rarely travelled. It lead away from the Gate. Why would Bres be here?

A figure darted across his path. He stopped.

‘Who goes there?’ his voice returned to him. He turned a slow circle. There was nothing, nobody as far as he could see. He continued on his way. Soon he saw Bres with several others.

‘Did you see it?’

‘Yes but it was fast. very fast. I have no idea what it was.’

‘Could be death.’ One of the smaller men mumbled.

‘Death! No not a day like today. When was the last time any of you saw death?’

‘Ques will make us safe.’ Bres bragged.

‘Safe from what. Your old nurse tales about things that doesn’t exist. Death! There is no death. Why would you think of such a thing?’

‘It was in my dreams.’ The little man confessed. ‘I have dreamed it several nights in a row.’

‘Then let’s take our dreams to Saint V’ths. Come before we begin our salvage. All are safe under the protection of Saint V’ths.’


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