Food In Peace Out

Food In Peace Out

let me eat in peace

spare me the story

the videos

the tweets

of whatever war was going on

because there is always a war going on


don’t bother me

with exploitation narrative 

of the people who produced

this yummy food

in the face of wars


their own children

not eating

what I get to eat

no one needs to know all that

we just want to eat in peace


even if peace is impossible

because peace doesn’t equal profit

money is lost

economies stagnate

when there isn’t exploitation

of people

of land

or resources


let me eat in peace

keep the reality away from the table

the lack of nutritional content

is irrelevant

the suffering sacrifice of animals

makes meals even tastier

don’t you think

because we don’t want to think

we only want to eat in peace


An acquaintanceship ended several years ago over food. A small group of us were having lunch & I ordered a burger. The acquaintance asked if knew how harmful meat production was to the planet, how the animals suffered etc. The acquaintance had ordered a salad with something done to tofu. I asked if they knew how tofu was made, what was the ecological effect where it was grown etc. That part of the conversation ended & I enjoyed my hamburger.

Personally I have no objection to what people chose to eat but before they make their choice mandatory or somehow ethically superior to mine they should get their facts ready. I know little about the production of tofu but I suspect that in the long run it is no better environmentally than beef. It has to be grown, fertilized, converted, transported & prepared at a restaurant. 

Guilting me over my meal choice never works. I’m human, so get over it. It’s like trying to guilt trip people into masks or vaccines (both of which I fully support) is a wasted effort. If this acquaintance had pushed I would have asked what they were doing about their meat concerns? Where they financially supporting any anti-meat groups or was merely not eating it all they were willing to do. 

There is also a commercial profitability  undercurrent to much of what gets touted as being better for us. ‘Ethically sourced’ ‘gluten free’ ‘100% natural’ ‘no preservatives’ – all of which often cost more – making it clear only those who can afford higher prices can save the planet. ‘Ethically sourced’ becomes a way maintaining class differences & making it clear who is morally better.

This acquaintance unfriended me. Such is life. Pass me the all-natural Black Sea salt. 

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don’t hover

please don’t hover

in fact

please go to another room

the need for appreciation

that is so apparent on your face

drains the moment of all pleasure

I can’t enjoy

what you want me to enjoy

while you are glaring at me

daring me not to enjoy it

just go away

let me eat in peace

let me find my satisfaction

on my own

because as long as you are so eager

I’ll keep my pleasure

to myself

I won’t let on if I like it or not

I know the power of the poker face

in the face of your anticipation 

before you leave

please pass the salt

your croquembouche has lost its choux

I love most competitive cooking shows. I’m amazed that these chefs can cook with cameras all around them, with close ups of their hands as they chop, close ups of their sweaty brows, of them slipping & falling, dodging around each other as they scramble for the ice-cream machine. I’m sure audition process includes some sort of screen-test. Cooking in your own kitchen with maybe the kids or the partner, or no one, watching is one thing, but in fronton cameras, lights, judges it must be quite stressful, to say the least.

The other side of the proposition is the judging, as the food is ultimately sampled by the panel under the expectant gazes of the chefs. I’ve learned phrases like: depth of flavour, unctuous, umami (I have no idea how it is spelled), caramelization, croquembouche. ‘Mmm these bacon & eggs have great depth of flavour.’

I don’t envy these judges, usually ‘celebrated’ chefs themselves, who have to render instant opinions – actually I don’t know how instant, as their savouring time is edited out & we rarely see how they come to their ultimate decisions. Chefs usually lose for technical issues (undercooked) or for lack of imagination. Rarely is there a blind tasting – where the judges don’t know whose food they are sampling. 

The piece is also about approval seeking – on the TV level the chefs don’t take the judging that personally but on the ‘home front’ it’s little more awkward. ‘I made this just for you.’ or even worse ‘I bought this just for you. I saw it & knew you’d love it.’ Yikes – more than once I’ve been given something I never like but one has to grin & be grateful. It’s the thought that counts, right? 

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what am I accepting

when I accept this gift

is it a sign of an emotional bond

one that I’m not interested in

that I haven’t instigated

it’s not that I don’t like you

but I’m not that invested


I know the gift comes from a good place

that one cannot have too many friends

but at the same time

one can be 

shall we say 


the gift comes without strings

I can accept it

say thanks

but never 

you shouldn’t have

Actually that last line is a lie. I said ‘you shouldn’t have’ recently when someone I handed me a bottle wine as a Christmas gift. Being a non-drinker I declined as graciously as possible. He was more distressed at not knowing me well enough to realize I don’t drink. It never came up in the context of our friendship. Neither of us ever needed a few to loosen up.

I am a fairly generous guy partly because of recovery – one of the slogans is ‘to keep it you have to give it away’ Recovery continues by sharing it with ours when called to do so. Though the thing with gifts is often the the strings are attached by the getter not the giver. The kind gesture is mistaken for something more promising. 

People project an agenda when there isn’t one & then get sort of huffy when there isn’t one. So as a giver I’ve become a little more aware of what I give to avoid unnecessary complications. Socks are a fun neutral gift, underwear, though fun, is not so neutral, a jockstrap is fun but clearly not neutral. A wrestling singlet? Well, that’s a whole different blog post.

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Working through the  227 Rules For Monks.

Who knew the simple life could be so complex.


the service station closed

because the owners

couldn’t afford 

the environmental clean up

the profit margin was so slim

it was better to go bankrupt

than pay the fines

for not doing 

the environmental clean up

that they also couldn’t afford

so they closed the station

abandoned it

after a decade they tore it down

to build a condo

or started to

but the soil was too contaminated

to build on

the cost of 

the environmental clean up

added too much to the initial start up

so it was abandoned once again

weeds grew

wild flowers grew

roses grew

the empty lot

became a garden

what was once there

was forgotten

vegetables were planted 

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