The Cure

What was with Goth teens & the Cure? I never got the appeal of their image. It was a time of British groups playing with gender, appearance & even musicality itself. The first releases sounded sloppy & poorly engineered then everything coalesced with Love Cats. They stopped being mopey mop heads & became pop stars.17-snowphone

I have Standing on A Beach; The Head On The Door; Kiss Me in an mp3 collection along with Pet Shop Boys: Please/Further Listening; Fine Young Cannibals: The Raw & The Cooked. It makes for a nice little time period collection of Brit pop.

17-snowgolfI never really followed the Cure or any of the other ‘mop tops’ of that time i.e. Sioux, Baby Shambles. Goth – New Romantics – or were they EMO? A friend gave me a copy of Standing & the song In Between Days really worked for me. Then the big seller Head On The Door was hard to resist – the dark romantic undertow was fun & their musical ability had improved. I like Robert Smith’s voice & his slightly fey off-kilter delivery.


17-snowmanKiss Me is fine, adventurous – who could resist the emotional pull of songs like Why Can’t I Be You. The Deluxe edition has loads of extra tracks too & was worth picking up. These were to replace my cassettes of the same that were losing tension. Smith voice was odd enough on some tracks without this added wonky warble.17-snowbench

Pet Shop Boys Further are remixes of their first (I think) lp. West End Girls etc. Cannibals Raw is a brilliantly engineered lp. The sound crackles & She Drives Me Me Crazy was a song that drove me crazy on the dance floor. Too bad they vanished after this dynamic release.





To maintain decorum and order through the sanctuary, house rules have been set down for each of the division and sub-division. Adherence to these traditional rules will allow for the great productivity and the deep spiritual connection we each crave.

The first 24 sutra will be recited once the sun had risen. Those of you assigned this task must be alert for the the earliest rays of the sun. Once you have done the recitation vacate Echo Nave to allow the next set of reciters to enter. This will be followed the enter day till the Six Hundred Sutras have been recited. None are exempt from this duty.

Each el’r ac’yte and br’ther is responsible for personal cleansing. If you are not reciting this is to be done during sutras 25-48. After these ablutions the first hum of the day shall be enjoyed.

Meals will be taken after Sutra 120 and Sutra  480. Not to last longer than 24 sutras each. If we vary from the pattern of the sutras things do not get accomplished with due respect or concentration. Allow this to be followed at all opportunities.

Once the morning hum has be completed it is time for you each to attend to your various tasks. After Sutra 500 all must gather in the main sanctuary for the evening sermon. Once this is done there is time for relaxation. Do not allow this time to be wasted though as chambers, cells and other personal matters must be kept in good order.

Once the sun sets make ready for bed. All tasks for the day must be completed even if the Six Hundred Sutras have been recited. Only then can one take to one’s bed.

On retiring prayers must be made. Silent vigils can end and the sharing of heart is permitted only after the Six Hundred Sutras have been uttered six suns in a row.


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Pet Shop Boys

I have work by the Pet Shop Boys: Please, Further Listening, Disco tucked into a couple of mp3 collections. One mainly of  The Boys & the other of 80’s dance music that includes Gino Soccio: Outline; Patrick Cowley: Mind Warp; The Style Council: Our Favorite Shop; Rick Astely: Whenever You Need Somebody; Human League: Dare & a few tracks by The Trampps: Disco Inferno/Body Contact; Village People: Macho Man/I Am What I Am.


As much as I was thrilled by the Village People & their play on imagery their music only held me on the dance floor & even then I was so quickly bored by YMCA I don’t care if I ever hear it again. I had the lps for a while but the only cuts that speak to me are the ones I kept. The Trampps – a fine set of singers in tight, red velvet pant suits on their lp cover – lots of well set off packages to enjoy & Disco Inferno was sensational for dancing to (plus inspired Boogie Inferno: my tribute to disco).

A friend of mine had that first Pet Shop Boys lp & I made a cassette tape copy that I eventually replaced with mp3 & added a couple of eps of remixes. It was always great to hear them on the dance floor knowing they were open about being queer. They had some political thread in their lyrics but weren’t out to preach but to teach you to dance.


Gino Soccio: Outline; Patrick Cowley: Mind Warp. Both of these are studio bound works by gay men felled by HIV far too early in their careers. Longish but driven dance music that I loved. Outline is almost hypnotic – very much like Richie Hawten. Cowley is synthesizer driven. His gay porn soundtracks were recently found & released. School Dazed. Great stuff. Whenever I have Patrick on my iPod I feel like I walking down the street in some porn movie where I get accidentally squirted by a shirtless guy watering his lawn & have to dry my stuff in his house.


Human League – just a waitress – a fine fine story telling dance single – even if they weren’t queer the sensibility certainly was; I was crazy for Rock Astley first few singles – that voice, that production. His hit ‘Whenever You Need Someone’ was the soundtrack for a crush I had at the time & everything I hear it I remember that sweet man, not Rick, but my crush who was murdered by HIV.

Style Council is the odd man out here – not dance music, not even queer but certainly of the period & this is a great lp. smart lyrics, fun & sort up-dated Kinks.


a sample from a novel still simmering:


“So how was the trip?”

Mike didn’t know where to begin. Meggan had looked after his house and garden while he was out of town.

“Lots happened.”

“I know. I read in the paper about that explosion. Imagine a bomb at the film festival. People sure take their movies seriously, don’t they? Anyway everything is fine here. Your mail is there in the living-room.”

Mike hadn’t been in the door five minutes before Meggan had called on him. She must have been watching from her living-room window for him to arrive. He hadn’t even had a chance to take off his jacket.

“And I got the stuff on your shopping list. Milk. Bread. The garden is looking good. The nasturtiums really took off this year didn’t they. Well, I guess you were right in over-planting them. I should get out of here, let you get settled back in. I’ll drop by later.”


“I love it. You know that. Gives me a chance to get out of my own little house.”

Meggan lived two houses down from him. Mike sometimes felt he should swap with her as his house was bigger, much bigger, too big for one man, alone. More room for her, her son, daughter and uncountable cats, sometimes a dog or two.

She was gone.

He took his coat off. Went to to the kitchen and filled the kettle, put it on the stove. He hadn’t had a nice cup of tea for weeks, for an eternity it seemed.

Patrick. Robert. Sam. Faces, touches. The blur of leaving without knowing, without being able to do anything but leave. Even if he’d had the financial resources he didn’t have the information, the know what to do-ed-ness, to find out what had become of Robert.

That the police somehow thought he was the target for the bombing was stupid. No one knew him. He was just some gay shlub from the east coast. A nobody. A nothing in that city. He didn’t even know why the police thought he might have been the target. What piece of information did they have that would have lead them to think that? What? They wouldn’t tell him anything.

He had to be back in Halifax for the start of the school term. Back to the grind but until he knew knew just what the fuck was going on he knew he wouldn’t be of much use in the grind.

He looked through the pile of mail.

mirror ball

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Born to be Blown

Where are the really sex positive queer anthems? After posting my Monday music blog I continued to ruminate on the many gay/queer pop performers I knew of – from Divine to Tom Robinson, from Jobriath to Pet Shop Boys. A fairly extensive list the more I considered it. Pansy Division, Jimmy Summerville, Limp Wrist (noise rock), The Frogs (folk punk), Sylvester.

snowlionlion in winter

Some really rock and Pansy Division does have some great in-your-pants stuff – Beer Can Boy, James Bondage – done with a sense of play. But much of what seems to get the most ‘air play’ Rufus Wainwright, KD Lange – settles into the romantic not the body.

umblsaving mr snow banks

I suspect there is a fair amount of self-censorship going on at the same time. A need to present queer as non-threatening, just like everyone. Which is true of pretty much most pop music. Though in hip-hop there is no dearth of openly straight sex songs about loving that fine pussy, baby’s got back. There are even some out gay rappers – Big Dipper has a couple free downloads of raunch that works.

discardsclothes quarters

I also see that one of the reason I often write pieces that are openly queer – emotionally and physically – is because I don’t hear that much of the bawdy love of the body. I want to push through those levels of shame about sex. Sometimes I do, sometimes I just get a nervous laugh and often I get people who wish I wasn’t so damn vulgar.


Born to be Blown

just wrap your lips ’round these velvet rims

and strap your hands ‘cross my engines

‘cause Daddy we were born to cum

do I have to tell you

I want to fuck you

in a song

or is that the sort of thing

you can’t say in a song

even with all the out singers

there’s still this smothering

hetero cloaking of

what queer pop performers

are willing to say

it’s fine to say

I miss you in the morning


I miss your morning woodie

the bed is so empty without you

is acceptable

but my mouth is so empty without you

will never make to the charts

she can sing

I long for the taste of you on my tongue


I long for the taste

of my pussy on your tongue

is just going to far

why are there no queer anthems like

‘Born to be Blown’

‘B-B-Bad to the Boner’

not that I want

to reduce being queer to body parts

but honey

taking the sex out of homosexual

to maintain assimilationist acceptability

gets to be boring

the empty space in the bed

isn’t as lonely

as the empty space between my legs

that you used to fill with your face

where is the chart topper

that isn’t ashamed of desire

that doesn’t hide in coy cloying


let’s bring sex back to sexy

if I have to tell you

I want to fuck you

in a song

I guess i’m going

have to write that song myself

but till I do

get your mouth a runnin’
get head on the highway
looking for adventure
in who ever comes my way

wrap your lips ’round these velvet rims

strap your hands ‘cross my engines

‘cause Daddy, sir, we were born to cum

BMqNwdFCMAAd4uV.jpg-largeclearly too gay for the Russian Olympics