Your Special Place

Your Special Place

we’re doing this

for your own good

think of this cell 

as your special place

a safe haven

from everyone around you

where no one is around you

no one to judge


manipulate you


a place where you can be


regardless of how difficult 

others will find that self

they won’t have to learn

how to get along with you

nor will you have to compromise

in any way to fit in



will make everyone happy


because being comfortable 

is better than accepting change

“Go to your room.” was never a punishment to me but an escape. Not that I had anything to escape from but I was in a space where there was no direct outside force defining me expect, maybe, the need to do my homework. I fantasized at time about being in prison, based on my limited exposure to movies & novels about life behind bars, & thought being stuck in solitaire wouldn’t be such a bad thing expect for the lack of sunshine.

This piece spring from some of that but also it’s a look at the power of the ‘spin.’ How was isn’t anyone’s best interest is made to appear as if it come form a good place. Think of the colonizers who couldn’t convince native that western ideas were better than their native ways. Wear clothing your shameless savage – clothing that we will not only for you to wear but will sell you – because consumerism is good for the economy. Besides it says in the Bible you shalt not be bare-assed in the presence of the Lord.

There is a difference between isolation & neglect. Prisoners in solitaire know someone will be there daily to check on them daily. I’ve had friends who died alone in their apartments & their bodies weren’t found for weeks, months in one case & then only because the rent hadn’t been paid. No one missed them. That is a worse form abuse than solitary confinement. They, for whatever reasons, weren’t able to stay connected with the community around them because they were ‘difficult.’

One of the cunning tricks of isolation is that can become addictive, a way of disengaging from a world one isn’t comfortable with. Some prisoners deliberately ensure that they will be place in solitary to avoid having to cope with hostile environment of prison. 

This piece ends on an ambiguous note – who is that has to change? The person who doesn’t want to compromise or the culture that wants them to fit in.


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Ginger Almond Prison Pubes

composition in blue and brown
composition in blue and brown

Despite distractions – brain rental Friday & Monday – I’ve been enjoying the April poem-a-day challenge. Sometimes I’ve written something before I get the ‘prompt.’ I allow the prompt to act as another layer of image. Then I look in my albums for a photo. I don’t have many food pics but the Alcatraz photo was perfect and added yet another layer to the piece when it ‘suggested’ I drop in ‘prison’ – which yanks the poem into a whole new direction.

speakers of the house
speakers of the house

I’ve been getting use out of notebooks & actually writing in public, at cafes, where I can be seen writing – by hand! “That man has his pen out mommy.” I suppose that using pen & paper may make me look homeless, or too poor to own a laptop – truth is the electronic burdens I carry now are more than enough – phone, iPod, Kindle – sure I could combine them all into one handy device, but if my iPod battery runs out I can still read my Kindle.

another of the daily poems for Poetry Month:

Breakfast at Alcatraz
Breakfast at Alcatraz


I know I’m on the right track

with that taste on the tip of your tongue

a delicate hint of fear and insolence

a simmer of

you can catch me like a cold

with bottom notes of


up all night sweat

& slow pizza digestion

top notes of

ginger almond prison pubes

a dash of freshly washed

licorice-black Egyptian-cotton undies

you serve me so well

now prepare to pay the price

view from my windowLoyalist 2012
view from my window
Loyalist 2012
the patio is very open
the patio is very open