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world2I recently watched an amazing documentary: “Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten” Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll.  Followers of my Monday posts know I am world music fan and also that I have a fondness for 60’s world pop. So as I watched this doc I made notes of singers to look for. I found the soundtrack & another collection of 4 Vol on iTunes & added these to my collection.

The music is much like the Japanese & even the Québecois 60’s take on US rock. Some rock-a-billy, some covers of well known (at the time) songs given either direct translations to new lyrics while keep the melody. The Cambodia take is sweet, innocent. The Musicianship is great even when the sound quality isn’t. I love the sometimes stunning guitar work, great garage-band organ. Voices are good thought he female’s do have that rather sharp Asian sound.

map vertThe thing that really pulled me into needing to hear & have this music was the fact that when the Khmer Rouge invaded the country part of the cultural genocide they implemented was to execute the rock stars! That’s right these performers were murdered for being decadent bad influences. Temples, libraries were destroyed, the language was made illegal. The politics is even more complex than this. I wanted to give these performers a chance to live & be enjoyed. Enjoy them I do. Watch this documentary. Then think could this happen here? If Trump rolls back lgbtq progress – Elton John could be deported because his homosexuality is in conflict with someone’s deeply held religious beliefs.

mapdesk02Also on this MP3 collection I added Mute the Saint : an amazing progressive metal sitar band from India; Corinne Marchand: French actress singing songs in her movies; Haumi: bought by accident looking for Japanese lp of the same name – Italian pop; Pablo Puyol: super hot as male romantic interest in 20 Centimeters: a wild Spanish musical about a trans woman (you must see it) ; Brigitte Bardo: more movie stuff from And God Created Woman: sultry sleazy & fun; Finally Pugh Rogenfeldt: Love Love Love – sweet 60’s Swedish psychedelic pop, also worth searching out. 



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