WordPress 2018

Coming to the end of another WordPress year & looking at my stats. I’m amazed at my world wide reach of views. India has jumped to #3 for the number of views! Slovina at #4! USA still heads the list but I’m amazed to see it go from A(merica) to Z(imbabwe). I slip by the firewall into China. even Russia. 

My number of followers has jumped from 217 to 298! WTF. The one stat that WP doesn’t provide is where my followers are from or I’d brag a little about that too. Time for Greenland to represent 🙂


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My Reach Around The #World 2014

One last post to end the year. I love checking the WordPress stats map to see where I’ve been looked at round the planet –


The US leads this past month, with Canada then Brazil. I guess those Brazilian guys long to cooled down 🙂 I’m always to see hits from spots like Slovenia or Moldova.


this is for the past year. Canada surges ahead but Brazil hangs on strong to 3rd spot – it’s those unexpected spots – Kazakhstan, Russian Federation – that amaze me. I wish they’d drop me line, make comment, let me know who they found me & kept coming back.




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