Standing On Guard

Most of these are ornamental statues that are meant to be more than decorative. All are meant to either attract good luck or repel bad luck. I see various sizes of the Chinese lions more often than the others. The courtier is a one-of-a-kind outside a hotel in Stratford, Ontario.

Chinese lions – Fu Foo Dogs
Fu Foo Dog close up
guarding serenity
griffins on O’Connor
happy to threaten you
Stratford courtier with cookies
or is that a hamburger
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Lions and Tiger

guardian of the driveway
serene after feeding
lion in upper Pape Village
crouching lion – I think these are marble not plaster or concrete
calm for the moment
less calm – they guard the driveway in front of this rather ordinary house
silent roar
not a lion but a real tiger at the Toronto Zoo

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Psycho Zombies

Psycho Zombies in the Rain

it was raining ballerinas

you know

rain so heavy

each drop created a splash tutu

as it landed

on its one toe

to join the corps du puddle

a literal rain dance


wet ragged gene-mutated zombie

staggering down the street

skin stinking in the rain

crumbling for the lure of brains

grabs a light pole

flings aimless decaying arm

drops into the gutter

eyes washed but not cleaned

lightening strikes

the unlucky char

washed down the sewer drain


the rain not a sheet but a curtain

a shower curtain

lightening cuts through it

an electrified knife

stab stab after stab

screams drowned out by the rain

rain so heavy

we can’t see across the street

can’t see 

through the car window

wiper blades not cutting it

smearing rain like blood

on a steamy bathroom tile

There was a flurry of mash-up horror movies & books ie: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies; Abe Lincoln: Vampire Slayer. I have a friend who does a piece about Hollywood adding zombies to anything to make it more commercial. Try it by adding Zombie to any movie title: Beach Party Zombie Bingo – Zombie on A Hot Tin Roof – Three Zombies Outside Ebbing, Missouri – actually these three sound pretty interesting 🙂

The title of this piece is clearly a reference to Singing in the Rain. In particular the rain sequence with non-mutated Gene Kelly splashing in puddles, swinging from a lamp pole  at one point. Not that zombies are ever agile enough to dance & I’m not sure how they cope with rain either – being rotting corpses after all. The rules for zombies morphs from movie to movie. I’m not sure how long they live if they don’t eat brains.

As Kelly swings on the lamp the camera picks up on his huge eyes full of hope & love. Eyes so clear that have to be a special effect 🙂 I can see this moment so vividly. I imagine it as a limited edition lamp hmmm – get the Franklin Mint on the line. ‘unlucky char’ echoes one of the songs from the movie: lucky star.

The Psycho of the title comes from the sheets of rain which naturally bring to mind a couple of scenes in Hitchcock’s Psycho. Janet Leigh driving in the rain mashed up with her shower scene unprepared for the rain of stabbing. She’s not singing in the shower.

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Sydney Sights

Cape Breton Highlanders cenotaph on Kings Rd.

Highlanders cenotaph on Kings Rd.

haunted haircut house

haunted haircut house

Wentworth Park War Memorial

Wentworth Park War Memorial

The big hands of the founder (the scarf gets replaced regularly)

I went to these schools ‘*’

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