The Beaches August 2021

From a morning excursion to The Beaches area here in Toronto, Queen East past Woodbine. Walked the boardwalk on an overcast cast morning – sadly the threat of thundershowers turned into another hot sunny day 😦 

stunning sky over the The Beaches
boardwalk was lined with painted rock – every rock matters
pleasure cruise on choppy waters
almost Cape Breton seashore
dino that didn’t escape la Beaches sand pit
wild for adventure
ARc de Blob in Kew Gardens
ARc de Blob in Kew Gardens
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Out and About in Sydney, Cape Breton

Cape Breton sunrise

where I had great ice cream on the Sydney Boardwalk

stone stairs to nowhere in Sydney

the welcome feet of Sydney

stone in the Park/Brookland/Hospital Sts triangle

close up of the stone

stained glass in the CB Regional Library

CB highland dancers on Charlotte St.

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Cape Breton Day 1

The most difficult part of the trip is over 🙂 getting up at 3:15 a.m. to be at the airport for 6 for my flight scheduled to leave at 7:40. Everything at the Pearson went without a major hitch – my suitcase was under the limit, the flight only delay half-an-hour. Reading kept me interested.

My sister was waiting when I arrived around 11:40. We stopped at Forest Haven to visit our parents graves & to see some of the sites. We dropped my luggage off at the hotel & continued along King St. to Walmart & he’d lunch at the Retro Diner. Good burger, decent fries that hit the spot. 

After that up to the old homestead for a dishes etc for me use at the hotel. Pulled down my mother silver set, which my sister hasn’t seen for years. I remember it so clearly, the silver work on the handles always impressed me & seeing & handling it again brought back memories. I think it was a wedding gift to my mother form my father so it goes back to the early 50’s for sure.

Did some shopping at, of all places, Shoppers & Sobey’s, to take care of breakfast & before bed snack needs. Room ready at the Travelodge & I was impressed. large, airy, a couch! Sent my sister on her way so I could unpack, relax, get on line. Went for a walk at 6:30 to check out the Boardwalk. Sun was merciless. Had an ice cream & back to hotel by 8:30. Ready for bed & to see what Saturday brings. Maybe I’ll take in a meeting or maybe they Pride Parade.