Ten More Stops


Working through a new set of prompts – I love lists of things – this one will prove to be endlessly productive for another couple of years – 227 Rules For Monks

The 13 saṃghādisesas

2 Not to touch a woman.


Ten More Stops

she struggled


into the subway seat

next to me

pulling her arms close

gave me a perplexed glance

my knees were tight together

my shoulder bag on my lap

my own arms pressed to my waist

my ebook open and balanced

on top of my shoulder bag

taking up as little space as I could


‘do you mind’ she muttered

I pulled my feet closer

‘I said do you mind!’ she was angry

I chose to ignore her

I couldn’t take up less space

she elbowed me sharply

knocking the ebook askew

it wasn’t my fault

the seats were so small


‘what an asshole’ she said loudly

‘keep your hands off me’

people looked at us

I shrugged

my hands were clearly

holding my ebook & my shoulder bag

in place


more people got on to

the already overcrowded car

the a/c wasn’t working

it was hot   stinky

I had ten more stops to go

and this bitch was muttering

‘fucking asshole men

think they can get away

with pawing women

whenever they want’


I decided I didn’t need this aggravation

put my ebook into my shoulder bag

pulled myself out of the seat

indicated it empty

to a woman much bigger than me

then watched the face

of the angry woman

as she was squeezed even tighter


for some strange reason

it felt good

when the large lady said

‘move a little   do you mind’

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