Sunday Driver

I know very little about cars except that they aren’t built to last. If they were, why new models every year, even T-shirts last longer lol. But there are some who collect, save, preserve vintage autos – when they become vintage they are autos, not cars.

Dodge Charger
Old Olds
same ambulance
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Auto Know Better

I know nothing about cars – makes, models, years or drivability. I know recognize a ‘classic’ when I see on walks about the east end. I know makes these are because it says so right on the car somewhere lol. I always cover the actual license plates to protect owners’ privacy.

Pontiac GT
Pontiac GT
Grand Prix
Grand Prix
Lincoln Mark IV
Lincoln Mark IV
Ford Monster Wheels
Ford Monster Wheels

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Little Red Convertible

Cars of various vintages, conditions & sizes seen on my walks around the east end over the past year or so.

classic black
classic trunk
driven once – needs work
ready for a new interior
big pink
big pink trunk
little red BMW convertible
when I said little I meant little
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Summer 2020

My following blog is at 360! The June WP map show my hits have come from countries around the world. Canada & US top the list with India & Bangladesh near the top. Monaco in the top 10 is a surprise. My Tumblr is at 280. Twitter is at 226 followers

You’ll be seeing some summer changes in the blog starting this week. Wednesday & Thursday will be looking at my Fiddlehead chapbook: Distant Music. In May I input the text & in June I started exploring those old pieces. Not that I remember what I was thinking at the time but I do recall information – what I was reading, where I was etc. 

To give me a break may stop the Saturday covid posts. Things haven’t change much on that front but I will slot covid updates on Mondays to alternate with the Artist’s Way posts. People have been enjoying my posts & pictures of things in my house so they’ll continue on Mondays as well. Coming to the end of the first section of Picture Perfect. It took three Nano’s in a row to do it so by section I mean the first November. In editing I found several places that needed more writing to account for later events. My nano word count included non-plot elements it is still mounting up to a decent count. 40,000 so farI’ve also loved creating the graphic for each week.

Fridays will continue the crawl through my music collection. It is large enough to take me into to the next decade. It has been good to look at what I have, what I like & what I’ll be letting go of. My need to be a music archive has left me 🙂 Boring is boring regardless of its historic importance. Purge is the word.

Speaking of purging – my covid cleaning frenzy though some of the major hoards have reduced them considerably. I still have the basement to contend with which will be nice with the summer heat already on us. The basement is cool & full of my partner’s old school files for starters. Plus a box or two of magazines I’ve had for too long. eBay here I come.

I do have a limited number of the original Distant Music chapbook for sale for $25.00 each (includes surface mail postage). Send via the paypal above along with where to send it. 

Buffering Season 2

I don’t binge watch TV shows but sometimes I do binge listen to podcasts. In this case I’ve been pushing through the archives of Buffering The Vampire Slayer by listening to one day to get caught up to where it is now. Currently it’s coming to the end of season 3. I’ve just come to the end of season 2 on the podcast. 

My actual watching has me part way through season 4 – I just watched Hush. Which is one of the better episodes of season 4 – the first university year. All I’ll say about season 4 is that the writers, for the most part, started out lost but things are finally coming together. The militia subplot was/is tedious but the return of Spike is welcome but I hope he stops being used as a comic foil soon.

I’ve enjoy the way the podcast has grown. Hosts Jenny Owen Youngs & Kristin Russo, remain engaging, insightful, funny & their love of the show is contagious. I’ve enjoyed the interviews with past cast members. Season 3 wraps with an interview with perhaps their biggest cast member: The Mayor. I have been tempted to go back to a few episodes with their comments in mind. I love their attention to detail & would like more of that. Back ground extras who only appear but do so in several episodes are always a joy to me.

Their episode songs are fun – my fave being Blue Goo. The jingles for the characters are also a nice addition that grows more in their discussion of season 2. But I can’t see myself using one as my cellphone ring 🙂 Season 2 podcast include a great  interview with Armin Shimerman, who plays Principal Snyder.

In their season 2 wrap up they talk about favourite moments, characters etc. For me it was the introduction of Oz though I feel his werewolf persona was never fully utilized in his story arc until season 4. It felt more like ‘oh hey lets have a cute werewolf as Willow’s boyfriend.’ He does get some of the best lines & Seth Green’s delivery is great, frequently better than his cool shirts. 

Is this the best season of Buffy? I found season 3 to be stronger. I lost interest in Buffy’s original broadcast run during season 4 so I can’t compare this season to subsequent ones. 

previously on Buffy:  Buffy Buffy Buffering 

Psycho Zombies in the Rain

it was raining ballerinas

you know

rain so heavy

each drop created a splash tutu

as it landed

on its one toe

to join the corps du puddle

a literal rain dance

wet ragged gene mutated zombie

staggering down the street

skin stinking in the rain

crumbling for the lure of brains

grabs a light pole

flings aimless decaying arm

drops into the gutter

eyes washed but not cleaned

lightening strikes

the unlucky char

sluiced down the sewer drain

the rain not a sheet but a curtain

a shower curtain

lightening cuts through it

an electrified knife

stab stab after stab

screams drowned out by the rain

rain so heavy

we can’t see across the street

can’t see 

through the car window

wiper blades not cutting it

smearing rain like blood

on a steamy bathroom tile

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Pleasure Shame


I try not to follow the Toronto serial-killer investigation yet when new info is released I have to know. More remains found in planters. A new victim revealed but not identified. That’s seven so far, three have been named, all have faces. One has no name. One wasn’t even reported missing. What do we know? What do I want to know?

I want to know that I am safe. No one is safe though. The accused is behind bars, the victims are in drawers, plans bags for bodies of evidence. I think on the nature of identity, of race, of class. I question my own memory of occasions – did I know this one? The face is familiar but can I pull it from the smudged mash of memory to be sure?

A man I knew for many years hasn’t been in touch for a year now. I check his Facebook: no new posts over a year, I’ve sent email, FB messages and have heard nothing. What do I do next? He wasn’t out to his family, so I worry about contacting them. Silence seems the safe option. He’s not the accused’s type so I discount that danger yet the worry remains.

A friend tells me story about an event a few years ago. Walking along a Village street with another friend and hearing loud, rough play in a parked van. Now they look back & wonder – was that a murder in progress. Should they have done something then other than joke about loud sex in a van?

This is the new worry. The past becomes ominous, missing friends stop being men who have lost interest & moved on but potential victims.

These are the identified victims (so far) Selim Esen, 44; Andrew Kinsman, 49; Majeed Kayhan, 58; Soroush Mahmudi, 50; and Dean Lisowick, 47. I’ll repeat their names. His will probably never be forgotten so there’s no need for me to mention it.

Pleasure Shame

I look for names

remains identified

I find spanking  bondage

photos of unnamed corpses




that will never happed

even when they are laid to rest


some will never be identified

unknown soldiers

lost in a battle

of pleasure shame secrecy

where public judgement

makes the victims

guiltier than the killer


HotDamn! It’s A Queer Slam

April 03 – every Tuesday

June 8-9 – Capturing Fire 2018 – Washington D.C. (flight & hotel already booked) 

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Buffy Buffy Buffering

I have a confession to make – I’m a fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I have the complete box-set of the TV series. I got a year or so ago & have been watching nearly an episode a week. Currently I’m about 8 episodes into Season 4 – where the Scoobie gang goes to university. All I can say is that the writers feel a little lost so far. Without two of the major players from the first 3 seasons they seem unsure of what to do without them or without the high-school as the grounding set.

I’m also listening to Buffering the Vampire Slayer. An amazing podcast by Jenny Owen Youngs & Kristin Russo, a married lesbian couple (I say this because they say it frequently). I heard about Buffering (I keep hitting ‘g’ instead of ‘f’) from Liv Mammone on Facebook when she first starting season 1.

Buffering is commenting on each episode in sequence is deep into season 3. So I have a large backlog of their posts to listen to as I & I’ve just come to the end of season 1. But to keep from getting further behind I’m listening to their freshest podcasts at the same time. So I have Buffy coming at me from 3 different points in the story arc.

As they frequently point out the show not only reflects high-school but also the sense of what we hide, or think we hide, from others as lgbtq people. To avoid spoilers I will say that the show explores lesbianism in a very fun, sensual way. Season 2 does have a minor character who is an out gay male high-schooler but his story arc is so undeveloped it strikes me now as an attempt to be comic than anything else.

The Buffering podcast is great fun. The hosts know their stuff & their eye for small detail is excellent. They notice things ie: posters on the wall, how can anyone run in those shoes – sort of stuff that frequently catches my eye too. One thing they haven’t mentioned (but maybe I haven’t heard that episode) is who pays for their clothes. I don’t mean for the costume department but in the reality of Sunnydale. The characters rarely wear the same outfits from one episode to the next. We never even see them shopping for clothes (other than for Halloween or the prom). Clearly the Hellmouth has elves that make new clothes overnight for everyone.

Cape Fever

it was a black satin half-slip

with a hem of red lace

I found in my mother’s dresser

it was cool on my skin

I twisted & turned

in front of the mirror

to see it flow

clutching the waist

around my eight-year-old throat

so it was my black cape

dripping with the blood

I’d dragged it through


it wasn’t long enough

not full enough

meant for my mother’s narrow hips

when I tried to sweep it up

to cover my face

it fell off

it would never be Dracula’s cape


besides my eye brows were wrong

even after I tired to create

those terrifying arches

using eyebrow forms from

my mother’s Elizabeth Arden make up kit

it had dozens of shapes to

none were arched enough

so I did what I could

by turning one upside down



a mouth full of tomato catchup

was impossible

too thick

for it drip over my teeth

or out of the corners of my mouth

the red was wrong

beet juice was the right colour

but way too thin

the two didn’t mix well either


but those eyebrows were spectacular

they scared even me

in the mirror

when I held a flashlight under my chin

all I needed was the right cape

and a victim

a new chapter every Tuesday


HotDamn! It’s A Queer Slam


June 8-9 – Capturing Fire 2018 – Washington D.C. (flight & hotel already booked) 

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