Snowy Mount Hope

I was up to the Bayview/Eglinton E, area of Toronto, Monday March 13 & took a stroll through the Mount Hope Cemetery, which backs on to Bayview. I loved the snowcapped tombstones & statuary. As you can tell by the names it is a mix of Italian & Polish (?). From the number of crucifications & saints I guess it is Catholic. wiki confirms that

The road through the property was cleared but the cemetery proper was snow covered so I couldn’t get close to the gravestones or do a search for any of the more noted people buried there. Many of them had photos of the deceased imbedded which I have covered out of respect. Maybe if I’m there in the summer I might get a closer look.

St. Christopher carrying a soul to heaven
Christ (?) carrying a soul to heaven
family plot
curved angel wings
aren’t your wings cold?
follow His soul to heaven
another child in the snow
solace of the good book
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The snow storm here in Toronto, overnight on March 3, was an event mainly because there was thunder & lightening – both rare occurrences. High winds & weighty wet snow. In the morning I looked out my bedroom window to how much I’d have to shovel, not as bad as predicted. I turned around to put on my sweatpants & there was a loud woosh & crash. I thought snow was sliding off the roof of house. I went back to the window & saw that a major branch from the tree next door had collapsed – part caught on the porch roof & part tangled with the hydro cable.

view looking out from front porch
close call for the recycle bin
limited access to my front door – rear entry only
where the branch fell from
perched on porch – rain gutter dented
rotten to the core
one of the ‘twigs’ is actually our hydro cable holding up the branch
the long view – crushed a bush in my front garden
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Snow Torsos

A brief, but heavy snow in January resulted in the first snow people of the year. Though by the time I got around to taking photos some of them were showing signs of ‘decay’ that they could be aliens or possibly even sculptures. ‘Snow people’

lost the Ikea kit directions 😦
the in thing scarf
smile of the influencer
face without a face
curb side service
lonely blue
the blue snow group
too much to drink?
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A Winter’s Table

There must have been a great sale somewhere on tables to start the year. All of these tables were seen on my walks in the first couple of weeks of January. The last one is someone’s decoupage art project, note that the bottom shelf has been papered as well. The pale blue block of wood was attached to the table. (Either that table goes or I do.) 

curbside glass top
curlicue under glass
legless at the curb
worn to the bone
working the corner
cracked up
decoupage rampage
novel idea
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Memorable Yule Moments

Miscellaneous winter photos – around my east end Toronto neighbourhood

lights on my back steps

my back steps
the start of something big
such a festive bow
great colour matching
bush lights
seasonal green on read
stringing the tree along

Lights Delight

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Lights Delight 21.1

Festive lighting east end Toronto. On nights when I’m not zooming I walk different blocks to enjoy what people are doing. Sadly more inflatables every year & fewer blow molds 😦 I send some as cell pics to my friends stuck in downtown high-rises who only see the lights from their electronics 🙂

almost sail boats
intense colours
I love a swag
nice wreath, too
not real raindeer
tree trimmed properly
another properly timmed tree
why aren’t there festive car lights?

Lights Delight

Hey! Now you can give me $$$ to defray blog fees & buy more lights for my house
– sweet,eh?